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Turn Signals

(Listed in priority order. Rules higher on the list trump those below.)


Philosophy:Use the signal to inform other drivers, not as an apology for an action to which youíve already committed. Aim higher than the bare minimum of the law.


Philosophy:Always use your turn signals. Donít play the game of deciding whether other drivers will benefit from your signal or not. In some cases (parking lots for one) you wouldnít know whether someone *might* be affected by your turn signal unless you do a 360 degree sweep of your mirrors and head-check both sides. Just signal every time. Instead of analyzing the situation and deciding if your turn signal might help someone, take that split-second of time to implement some of these suggestions.


A turn signal means you are turning at or before the next intersection.


Never cross an intersection with your turn signal on.

o   Do this and youíre begging someone to pull out in front of you.

o   For example, if youíre turning into a gas station just past an intersection, engage the signal at the earliest point when itís obvious youíre not turning at the intersection.

o   In some cases this is later warning that youíd like to give, but itís the safer choice in this situation.



Signal BEFORE your action, but not dangerously long before. Examples:

o   Signal before your turn or lane change, not during.

o   Signal before you touch your brakes as you slow for a turn. If the brake lights come on before your turn signal, you have failed.



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